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We partner with highly motivated individuals and teams that want to take their business to the next level quickly. Once we start working together, we have all the strategies, products and revenue options for building a growing and highly profitable credit card processing sales business. Below are our partners' current favorites.


Our alternative pricing program that reduces your merchant's fees by up to 95% while providing you 200 bps profit on their processing volume. Plus we've increased the upfront bonuses we pay you for these accounts.


Point of Sale

Our data reveals that merchants using one of our point of sale systems stay with us 3x longer and are 2x more profitable each month. Do the math and that equals lifetime 7x profit over merchants using a traditional terminal. Plus we have a team of POS experts that sell POS systems for you. Not bad, uh?  



White Label Program

We get it. You'd rather build your business with your own brand than ours. That's why we created our white label partner program. With this program, you can use our payment services and sell everything under your own brand!

Maximized Bonuses

We understand how important upfront bonuses are to a growing business. That's why we have the most lucrative upfront bonuses in the industry. Fast Start bonus of $20,000 will get you started. Every deal has multiple bonus options to a max of $5000. Then we add on bonuses to launch programs like Saltsha Prime.



Build a Sales Team

We want partners who desire to grow like we have, through building a sales team. Is that you? If it is, we have the agent recruiting system for you to implement and PayProTec University to help train your team.

Our partner program has all the tools and features you need to grow your business. If you don't see what you're looking for chances are we have it.

.02 Dial Up cost and .015 IP Cost

Next Day Funding

No Setup or Annual Fees

Sub Agent Recruiting & Training Program

Free terminal & POS placement

Web based application with e-sig

Free ISO Registration Program

Lifetime & Transferable Residuals

We Have All The Tools Too

EMV and NFC Payment technologies

Gift and loyalty programs

We here three common answers when we ask our partners that question.

What Else Will You Like?

When we find a partner that's committed and ready to grow we'll do just about anything to help them succeed. Have an idea for growing your business? Let's talk!

We see our partners as a key part of our family and make those relationships a priority. This means our ISO and agent partners have a dedicated relationship team that knows them by name. So when you call in you'll be talking to people you know, not someone who asks for your ID number after a fifteen minute hold time.

We're committed to leaving no deal behind. That's why we are always adding the latest and best technology to our offerings, we want nothing to prevent our partners from winning the deals they go after.




With NCR Silver and Silver Pro, I have been able to add business to my portfolio that I would never have been to compete for before. Together with the POS team at PayProTec, we have been able to start selling to more profitable accounts. I love working with PayProTec!

Dayton, OH

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